Prosa Licensing


This is the Prosa licensing web portal. It allows you to manage specific aspects of your license and its activations.

License Renewal

You want to receive major updates but your license has expired? Check if your license is eligible for a renewal. Renewals have a reduced price compared to complete new licenses.

Check License

Legacy Licenses

We changed our licensing system to a more convenient one based on simple key strings. Yet this makes previous license files incompatible to new Versions of Log4View and vice versa. Here you can convert your non expired legacy license file to the new format or create a legacy license from your new one.

License Upgrade
License Downgrade

Offline Activation

Some licenses can be used on a limited number of different machines within a certain time period to prevent illicit sharing of the license key. If you use such a license on a machine without internet connection, you can still activate or deactivate it here.

Offline Activation
Offline Deactivation
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